About Bathekgi Online Shop

Bathekgi Online Shop offers a range of diverse South African and African books online at affordable prices, and delivers the books to our customers’ door, anywhere in the country. In this way, we hope to make books, and in future, other important resources, more accessible to people from all walks of life with broad and diverse interests, but especially the working class constituencies that Khanya College supports and works with.

A core part of Bathekgi Online’s books catalogue are the titles published by Khanya Publishing. These books range from children’s illustrated books, collections of short stories written by JBF youth, and anthologies of poetry by renowned poets James Matthews and Keorapetse Kgositsile, to moving testimonies of community healthcare workers, and the seminal text Gold and Workers, by Luli Callinicos, on the formation of the South African working class beginning with the discovery of minerals in the 1870s.

As an online platform that Khanya College has recently launched in conjunction with the Bathekgi Ba Khanya College subscription programme. Both Bathekgi subscribers and members of the public are able to purchase various products and packages at an affordable and accessible price. As active supporters that help Khanya College develop new authors and artists, Bathekgi subscribers can access further discounts on purchases through the Online Shop.

About Bathekgi Ba Khanya College Programme

Bathekgi Ba Khanya College (which means ‘Khanya Supporters’) is a programme of Khanya College. ‘Khanya Supporters’ become Bathekgi members by contributing a nominal subscription (of at least R50 a month). These subscriptions are used to make important interventions to educate and mobilise communities for change. Through this programme and the subscriptions raised, Khanya will focus on creating cultural and educational facilities that build a critical and vibrant reading and writing culture.

Bathekgi Ba Khanya College is aimed at combining resource mobilisation for the various programmes of Khanya College, with expanding the access of Khanya’s various constituencies to affordable books, music and other cultural programmes and products. By contributing this nominal subscription, individuals and organisations will also get access to various product discounts, early bird deals and sales, special event invitations, and subscription to all Khanya’s newsletter and newspaper publications.

To ensure full transparency and accountability with our members, we will also provide all our members with the Bathekgi Programme Bi-Annual Report, as well as copy of Khanya College’s Annual Report and Audited Financial Statements. Members’ contributions and other donations are tax deductible, and Khanya will give a special receipt stating the donation amount where this is requested.

For more information on the Bathekgi Subscription Programme, and to become a Bathekgi Member, click here.

About Busara Institute for Research and Publishing

In 2009, Khanya College set up the Busara Institute for Research and Publishing to support all its programmes, and to consolidate and deepen its research and publication work. Khanya College set up Busara to systematically address the dearth of research on social movements, (amongst others), and publishing platforms. Busara seeks to collaborate with progressive individuals and institutions to support these endeavours

Busara works with its sister organisation, Khanya College, to make a range of cultural and other products and services available to the public on an affordable basis. As part of this initiative, Busara has set up Bathekgi Online Shop. Busara aims to provide the infrastructures that underwrite the building of a readers and writers’ movement.


About Khanya College

Established in 1986 Khanya College’s motto “Education for Liberation” continues to ring true in the minds of our people and emphasises the critical link between education and active citizenship.

With poverty, inequality and lack of active citizenship still prevalent over 25 years after the dawn of democracy, Khanya College’s motto is as relevant as it was when founded. The College continues to strive towards the eradication of poverty and inequality. In a country with about 66% of the population under the age of 35, Khanya focuses its energies on mobilising children, youth and young adults to confront the challenges of change in our time. The Bathekgi ba Khanya College support programme seeks to mobilise the resources to ensure that we realise this mission of Khanya College.

Khanya College combines social justice activism and cultural interventions to educate and mobilise communities for change. The Annual Jozi Book Fair Programme, brings all these initiatives together and is an important lever in striving for change.

For more information about the Jozi Book Fair, visit: www.jozibookfair.org.za, and for more information about Khanya College, visit: www.khanyacollege.org.za.

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